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Alt Country. Ain't Dead Yet #24 Playlist

Alt Country. Ain't Dead Yet #24 Playlist

Song : Man With Harmonica (Intro)

Artist: Ennio Morricone

Album : Once Upon A Tiime In The West (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Song : Still Feeeling Blue

Artist : Gram Parsons

Album : GP

Song : Mirror And A Kitchen Sink

Artist : Tommy Prine

Album : This Far South

Song : Might As Well

Artist : Little Outfit

Album : Little Outfit (EP)

Song : You Can’t Blame It All On Me

Artist : Rose Vaughn

Album : Lust In The Dust (EP)

Song : Better Off Without

Artist : Patterson Hood

Album : Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance

Song : Empty Bottles

Artist : Kenna Mae

Album : Blue Darlin’

Song : Beer For The Horses

Artist : Matt Owens & The Delusional Youth Project

Album : Beer For The Horses

Song : The Night

Artist : Morgan Wade

Album : Reckless

Song : Desperate Man

Artist : Giant Sand

Album : Recounting The Ballads of Thin Line Men

Song : End Of The Road

Artist : Moonshine Maybelline

Album : End Of The Road (EP)

Song : Driving All Night

Artist : Lucky Pierres

Album : Stay In The Shadow (EP)

Song : 100 Pages Of Lies

Artist : John Moreland

Album : Eastbound Blues

Song : Kids From Queens

Artist : The Successful Failures

Album : Wrong Together

Song : Nobody Knows You

Artist : The Dirty Browns

Album : Shed Skin

Song : Good Hearted Woman

Artist : Tina Turner

Album : Good Hearted Woman

Song : We Had It All

Artist : Tina Turner

Album : Good Hearted Woman

Song : A Fistful Of Dollars

Artist : Ennio Morricone

Album : A Fistful Of Dollars (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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