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John Godfrey's Troubadour Show #59 Playlist

John Godfrey’s Troubadour Show #59 Playlist

Song : Gypsy, Joe And Me

Artist : Dolly Parton

Song : Gypsy Angels

Artist : Waylon Hanel

Song : Backwoods Sound

Artist : Ogden Heart

Song : It Ain’t So Bad

Artist : Listening Party

Song : Broken And Bruised

Artist : Cullen Wade And The Waters

Song : Little Hitchhiker

Artist : Grace Potter

Song : May The Iron Horse Get Fed

Artist : Zach Aaron

Song : Last Train To Amsterdam

Artist : Ray Wylie Hubbard

Song : Brighter

Artist : Tom Carlson

Song : Little Yellow House

Artist : Patty Griffin

Song : This Mess Is My Masterpiece

Artist : The Nadas

Song : Brushy Bill

Artist : Jim Pipkin

Song : Billy The Kid

Artist : Marty Robbins

Song : Long Golden Chain

Artist : Sam Shackleton

Song : Turn The Corner

Artist : C. Daniel Boling ft Tom Paxton

Song : August

Artist : Martin Praetorius

Song : Jesus On A Greyhound

Artist : Shelby Lynne

Song : Greyhound

Artist : Jeremy Ivey ft Margo Price

Song : The Last Greyhound

Artist : Alecia Nugent

Song : Malibu

Artist : Margo Price ft Jonathan Wilson & Buck Meek

Song : Mas Que Nada

Artist : Tremoloco

Song : The Ballad Of The Crimson Kings

Artist : Ray Wylie Hubbard

Song : Sand Walkin’

Artist : Sandy Rogers

Song : Back East

Artist : Josh Gray

Song : Bound For Glory

Artist : Mat D

Song : Mary Mary

Artist : Bruce Springsteen

Song : Once Upon A Time In The West Finale

Artist : Ennio Morricone

3 Song Connection - Greyhound

Album From The Archives : ‘Dangerous Spirits’ Ray Wylie Hubbard. Released 1997.

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