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Testimonials for John Godfrey's Troubadour Show

"Steinbeck's 'Grapes Of Wrath' set to music."

Gabriel Brox, Singer Songwriter, UK.


"In a perfect world I'd have '72 Olds 442 to work on in the garage while listening to The Troubadour Show"

Factory Fast Records, NYC, USA.

"Seriously folks, if you're not listening to this show, then you're missing out on some outstanding music.

Every week I discover someone new via John Godfrey.

The best internet  radio show around... hell might be the best radio show, period... tune in..."

Jud Block, Singer Songwriter. Texas, USA.


"It was like listening to a time warp transistor radio in the ghost of a route 66 diner - middle America."

Jay Souza, Patrolled By Radar. California, USA.

"One of the best Americana radio shows on the planet."

Mike McGuire, Singer Songwriter. Kentucky, USA.

"The Troubadour Show is the best Americana show out there. Seriously, give it one listen and you'll be hooked."

The Krickets. Florida, USA.

"If you haven't had a chance to check out John Godfrey's show, visit

You'll find archives of one of the best americana/country/roots shows anywhere."

Judy Banker, Singer Songwriter, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.


"If you want to keep up with what’s going down in the Songster world - Radio Troubadour from John Godfrey."

Rob Ellen, Promoter, The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile.


"Lyssna på radio! Troligtvis det absolut bästa program som går att lyssna på idag!"
"(Listen to radio! Most likely the absolute best program that can be listened to today!)"

Trailerpark Idlers, Norrkoping/Soderkoping, Sweden.


"What makes Radio Troubadour so great is not just the music that's chosen

but John's commentary between songs. Check it out!!"

Josh Gray, Singer Songwriter, Nashville, TN, USA.


"John does a tremendous job curating the music.

I've discovered so many talented artists I otherwise wouldn't have known about.

Do yourself a favor and listen today!!!"

Brian McGrath, Singer Songwriter, Chicago, IL, USA.


"Happy to be featured on this show! Check it out!"

Kevin Gordon, Singer Songwriter, Nashville, TN, USA.


"Listen in folks, John will introduce you to music that blows you away."

Al Shields, (Al Shields & The Delahayes), Singer Songwriter, Edinburgh, Scotland.

"This is hands down the best show programming Americana/Folk on the planet. You'll discover people you've never heard of before and a few that you know and feel like you've just fallen  into another time and place.

There is no other radio to compare to it."

Larry Allen Brown, Singer Songwriter. Brattleboro, Vermont, USA.

"I was amazed by your ability to put a show together every week that is so consistent from beginning to end. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The Troubadour Show is the best radio show on the air anywhere!!"

Artie Tobia, Singer Songwriter. Wykagyl Station, NY, USA.

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