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John Godfrey's Troubadour Show 46 Playlist

John Godfrey’s Troubadour Show #46 Playlist

Song : Before The Next Teardrop Falls

Artist : Freddy Fender

Song : Lowland Trail

Artist : Margo Cilker

Song : Restless

Artist : Red Rock Hill

Song : Too Many Roads

Artist : Brooks & Bowskill

Song : Nashville, Tennessee at 3AM

Artist : Pat Reedy

Song : Vagabond Blood

Artist : Mark J. Lee

Song : Where The River Meets The Sea

Artist : Savanah Solomon

Song : Dealing With The Distance

Artist : The Cash Brothers

Song : Tarnish

Artist : Dave Hause

Song : The Bridge On The River Severn

Artist : Wil Thomas

Song : My Own Jail

Artist : Whitney Rose

Song : The Ballad Of The Choctaw-Apache

Artist : Vincent Neil Emerson

Song : Loving You Is The Only Way To Fly

Artist : Rodney Crowell

Song : Musician’s Bride

Artist : Angela Autumn ft Willi Carlisle

Song : Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong

Artist : Austin Lucas

Song : Tombstone Rose

Artist : Dean Owens

Song : Out Of Babylon

Artist : Benjamin Tod

Song : Babylon

Artist : Gabe Lee

Song : Rivers Of Babylon

Artist : Steve Earle

Song : Forget About The Dust

Artist : The Cash Brothers

Song : Ain’t About The Mountain

Artist : Elijah Ocean

Song : Break Her Heart

Artist : Matt Moran

Song : Ship Of Fools

Artist : Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

Song : Man Of Contradiction

Artist : Broken Radio

Song : Holyoke

Artist : Ellie Tuner

Song : Under My Skin & The Thorn In My Side

Artist : Anton O’Donnell

Song : The New Timer

Artist : Bruce Springsteen

Song : Once Upon A Time In The West Finale

Artist : Ennio Morricone

3 Song Connection - Babylon

Album From The Archives : ‘A Brand New Light’ The Cash Brothers. Released 2003.

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