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John Godfrey's Troubadour Show #38

John Godfrey’s Troubadour Show #38 Playlist

Song : To Live Is To Fly

Artist : Townes Van Zandt

Song : Truck Driven’ Man

Artist : Afton Wolfe

Song : Broadway Lights

Artist : Will Payne Harrison

Song : Shine On the Highway

Artist : Ben De La cour

Song : You Can’t Trust Fate

Artist : Stacy Antonel

Song : Sunday Morning Blues

Artist : Channing Wilson

Song : I’m Still A Dreaming Man

Artist : Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus

Song : The Way We Make A Broken Heart

Artist : Rosanne Cash

Song : Apologize

Artist : The Miners

Song : A Little Hope

Artist : Jake Mathison

Song : Before You Go

Artist : Keith Burke ft Amy Frega

Song : Odds Of Getting Even

Artist : Caitlin Canty

Song : Driftwood Avenue

Artist : KB Bayley

Song : They’ve Poisoned The Well

Artist : Courtney Hale Revia

Song : Step Into The Dream

Artist : Matthew Burkhart

Song : Crooked River

Artist : Eilen Jewell

Song : North Dakota

Artist : Lyle Lovett

Song : The North Dakota Cowboy

Artist : Brennen Leigh

Song : North Dakota

Artist : Chris Knight

Song : Hurt

Artist : Kate Ellis

Song : Runaway Train

Artist : Rosanne Cash

Song : The Bum’s Lunch

Artist : Timbertops

Song : All Of The Redheaded Stranger

Artist : Willi Carlisle

Song : Don’t Know How

Artist : Pete Berwick

Song : Tecumseh Valley

Artist : Townes Van Zandt

Song : One Minute You’re Here

Artist : Bruce Springsteen

Song : Once Upon A Time In The West Finale

Artist : Ennio Morricone

3 Song Connection - North Dakota

Album From The Archives : ‘King’s Record Shop’. Rosanne Cash. Released 1987.

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