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John Godfrey's Troubadour Show #37 Playlist

John Godfrey’s Troubadour Show #37 Playlist

Song : Country Girl

Artist : Lynn Anderson

Song : Long Way From Home

Artist : JD Clayton

Song : Good Enough

Artist : Nikki Lane

Song : Pick Up Your Phone

Artist : Tanner Usrey

Song : Throw Me To The Wolves

Artist : Karen Jonas

Song : A Duffel, A Grip And My D35

Artist : Pony Bradshaw

Song : Break My Heart

Artist : Bella White

Song : Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels

Artist : The Derailers ft Buck Owens

Song : Better Way

Artist : Vince Herman

Song : Problem With It

Artist : Plains

Song : Second Hand

Artist : Slaid Cleaves

Song : Desert Sands

Artist : Andy Hedges ft Brigid Reedy

Song : Come On Down

Artist : Holy Moly And The Crackers

Song : Heaven Ain’t A Lonely Road

Artist : Youngtree And The Blooms

Song : Dorero

Artist : Hannah Aldridge

Song : I Don’t Know This World

Artist : Tim Grimm

Song : Soldier’s Song

Artist : Lucinda Williams

Song : Travelin’ Soldier

Artist : The Chicks

Song : Soldier Girl

Artist : Diana Jones

Song : Peace, Love And Brilliant Colors

Artist : Michael McDermott

Song : Get Out Of This Town

Artist : Meg And The Wheelers

Song : The Lost And Found

Artist : The Derailers

Song : A Step Behind

Artist : Alex Blizzy

Song : Once Upon A Time

Artist : Jake Mathison ft Joe Grushecky

Song : One Step Up

Artist : Bruce Springsteen

Song : Once Upon A Time In The West Finale

Artist : Ennio Morricone

3 Song Connection - Soldier

Album From The Archives : ‘Full Western Dress’. The Derailers. Released 1999.

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