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John Godfrey's Radio Troubadour #6 Playlist

John Godfrey's Radio Troubadour #6 Thursday 17th May 2018. Song : Waitin' 'Round To Die Artist : Townes Van Zandt Song : Breakfast Table Artist : Davis Kathriner ft Laura Cantrell Song : Borderline Artist : Levi Parham And Them Tulsa Boys And Girls Song : Lonesome Throne Artist : Giulia Millanta Song : The Weight Of A Stone Artist : Sam Morrow Song : Overnight / Let's Get Out Artist : June Star Song : Farewell New York City Artist : Listening To Jets Song : Want Artist : Zoe Child Song : A New Love To Forget Artist : Samuel Lussier Song : Godless World Artist : Darwin's Daughter Song : Two Sad Souls Artist : Porter Song : If I Laugh Artist : Cat Stevens Song : Ghost Town (What's Real) Artist : Smilo & The Ghost Song : Speedtrap Town Artist : Jeb Barry And The Pawn Shop Saints Song : I Know What Haunts You Artist : Mookie Brando & The Second Cousins Song : Homestead /Here Is The Here Artist : June Star Song : Everybody Walkin' This Land Artist : Paul Cauthen Song : Dust Bowl Ballad Artist : Colin Cutler Song : Wild Ride Artist : Carter Sampson Song : Sharp Rocks Artist : Chuck Westermoreland Song : Long Way To Abilene Artist : Jules Taylor Song : Saint Jude Avenue Artist : Shawn Z Song : Dance With Me Artist : Karen Jonas Song : Peace Train Artist : Cat Stevens Song : The Isolation Mountains Artist : I See Hawks In L.A. Song : Round Here Artist : Counting Crows Song : Once Upon A Time In The West Finale Artist : Ennio Morricone Album Of The Week : June Star 'East On Green'. Album From The Archives : Cat Stevens 'Teaser And The Firecat'. Released 1971.

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