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Album Of The Week

Album Of The Week for the week commencing Monday 2nd April 2018 is the new album from Lindi Ortega 'Liberty' on Shadowbox Music & Cooking Vinyl. The album will feature on the home page of the website for the rest of the week and I'll be playing a couple of tracks from the album on 'John Godfrey's Radio Troubadour' #3 show on Thursday 5th April 2018.

Artist : Lindi Ortega

Album : 'Liberty'.


1. Through The Dust Part I

2. Afraid of the Dark 3. You Ain’t Foolin’ Me 4. Til My Dyin Day 5. Nothing's Impossible

6. Though The Dust Part II 7. The Comeback Kid 8. Darkness Be Gone 9. Forever Blue 10. In The Clear 11. Pablo 12. Lovers In Love

13. Through The Dust Part III 14. Liberty 15. Gracias a la Vida

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