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Album From The Archives #1

'John Godfrey's Radio Troubadour' #1 Thursday 22nd March 2018.

On the show this week I'll be playing two tracks from my chosen Album From The Archives which is the 1998 self titled debut album from Chris Knight

Artist: Chris Knight.

Album: Chris Knight.

Label: Decca Records Nashville.DRND-70007. (USA).

MCA Nashville UMD 80466. (Europe).

Released: 1998


​1. It Ain't Easy Being Me
2. Framed
3. Bring The Harvest Home
4. Something Changed
5. House And 90 Acres
6. Summer Of '75
7. Run From Your Memory
8. Love And A .45
9. The Hammer Going Down
10. The Band Is Playing Too Slow
11. The River's Own
12. William

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