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About Radio Troubadour

Radio Troubadour is my online platform to share the music I love. My name is John Godfrey and I'm based in the Scottish Borders. I produce and present my online shows/podcasts 'John Godfrey's Troubadour Show' and 'Alt Country. Ain't Dead Yet'. You can listen to the shows anytime via this site and on Mixcloud.

Radio Troubadour is a labour of love for me and all the work relating to it is carried out by myself. I select all of the songs for the shows, I do all the research work, I produce and present the shows. If you fancy buying me a coffee or track or two then please do so, it would be much appreciated. Follow the link below, thanks.

On 'John Godfrey's Troubadour Show' I play a mix of Alt-Country, Americana, Country, Folk, Rock, Roots and Singer Songwriters. Mostly new releases with a few old favourites thrown in. On 'Alt-Country. Ain't Dead Yet' I play new Alt-Country songs and a couple of classics from that 'Alt-Country' genre that 'Ain't Dead Yet'. I also occasionally produce one off special podcast including 'Covering Nebraska'. 10 different artists covering the songs on Bruce Springsteen's classic 1982 'Nebraska' album. You can also read an interview I did with New Jersey Stage talking about the podcast, my radio shows and Springsteen.

I would like to expand Radio Troubadour and increase listenership to the shows by having them added to other online platforms and stations. Please contact me if you have a station that would be willing to air a show. I can send you the show in MP3 or WAV format or produce and/or present a similar show for your station. I use to produce and present The Troubadour Show, an online radio show that ran for four years. It started as a live show on Bishop FM and it also aired on two online radio stations, Asbury Music (The Penguin Rocks) & Blues And Roots Radio.

If you would like to contact Radio Troubadour, please do so, it's always great to hear from you. Send you your comments, messages, suggestions for the shows etc. If you're a singer songwriter or in a band or if you're from a PR company or record label, you can send music for airplay consideration to contact Radio Troubadour.

As I said, Radio Troubadour is a labour of love for me. If you would like to contribute in anyway, you can do so by listening to and sharing the shows with your friends, fans etc on social media and help spread the word about Radio Troubadour. Another way that you can contribute is by recording a liner, promo etc. If you're a singer songwriter or in a band and would be willing to record a small promo (MP3) with your name, where you're from, mention the station/show name etc and it will be added between tracks on the shows. If you're a listener and you want to record a promo, please do so. Tell us who you are, where you are and why you love to listen to 'John Godfrey's Troubadour Show' or 'Alt Country, Ain't Dead Yet'. You can also contribute by sending your music for airplay consideration by contacting Radio Troubadour.

If you would like to make a voluntary financial contribution to Radio Troubadour via Paypal then please click the donate button at the foot of the page. You can also 'Buy Me A Track' via the 'Buy Me A Coffee' website by clicking the link below. All financial contributions will go towards the running costs, maintaining the website, and go towards helping to bring in new music for the shows.




John Godfrey

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