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Broadcasting 24 hours a day

Playing the best new releases and some old favourites.
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"It was like listening to a time warp transistor radio in the ghost of a route 66 diner - middle America".
Jay Souza, California, USA.
Steinbeck's Grapes Of Wrath set to music".
Gabriel Brox, UK.

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Radio Troubadour. Real Music 24 hours a day.

Playing 'Sad Songs To Make You Happy'.

Thanks for listening. If you enjoy the songs here on Radio Troubadour.

Why not consider contributing with a coffee. or a track or two.

Your support is very much appreciated. Thank You.

Request an artist or a song.

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Radio Troubadour is always looking for great tracks to play, new or old.
If it suits, then I can add it to the station playlists.

Radio Troubadour for the best
Alt Country, Americana, Country., Folk, Rock, Roots and Singer Songwriters.

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